Kraken is based on the new Tomb 3.0 pegged 10:1 to DAI.

Kraken Finance Tomb 3.0

Kraken is based on the new Tomb 3.0 pegged 10:1 to DAI.
A highly customized Tomb Fork, Kraken Finance deployed on the Binance Smart Chain and is pegged 10:1 to DAI.
The share token is KSHARE and you can deposit your KSHARE in the BOARDROOM to earn KRAKEN.
Introducing our modest withdraw fees we'll always be in a great position with plenty of funds for longevity and durability of the Kraken Finance protocol.
We have our own on-site auto-compounders that allow you to create Pancake LP's to earn KSHARE on autopilot without ever leaving the site.

More Information

We use three tokens:
  • KRAKEN (peg)
  • KSHARE (share)
  • OCTO (bond)
Our underlying mechanisms dynamically adjust the supply of KRAKEN, moving the price up or down based on the price DAI.
Do your own research before investing. Investing in DeFi protocols is risky and may result in monetary loss.
By using Kraken Finance you agree that the Kraken Finance team is not responsible for any financial losses from investing in Kraken Finance nor do we promise any valuable returns now or in the future.
In using these contracts you acknowledge that you understand the risk and are complying with the laws of your local jurisdiction.
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